Prolog Image Processing (proImpro)

Welcome to the homepage for proImpro, the Prolog Image Processing extension for OpenProlog for MacOS.


Prolog is a rule based language and inference engine which allow for a descriptive use of image processing. This work is based and supports the work of Prof. B.G. Batchelor of COMSC at the University of Wales, Cardiff. Based on his work, PIP (an 8bit image processing library) and now proImpro an attempt to a 32bit image processing library is attempted.


The main focus of the work is in the image processing extension to Prolog. The original work was based on LPAProlog (MacProlog), a commercial Prolog package. Due to cost factor, the currently the work uses OpenProlog as an freeware Prolog interpreter. The development environment is MPW on MacOS 9, also available for free at the Apple website .


This work is in the initial coding stages. A first version (0.0) is available: "Release early, release often". To build this release, make sure that a copy of OpenProlog resides in the folder containing the Makefile and run 'build' in MPW. This should build and install the code resource which is automatically loaded when OpenProlog starts up. You then need to consult the files in the /Prolog sub folder. If all this by any miracle works for you, you should be able to load a PICT image (loa('Macintosh HD:image').) and perform some processing on it. Note: OpenProlog can only keep 32k of text in the main window, so clear it out often.



I uploaded a few bug fixes and updates for maintenance. Work has started on the drawing functions for 32bit images.